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Goggles winteroutfit

December 2009




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Aug. 10th, 2022

Goggles winteroutfit

Friends only

This journal is friends only.
My journal posts about dolls are in english. Personal posts about myself are in dutch.

Leave a comment if you want to be added.
And tell something about yourself! :)


Dec. 24th, 2009

neusje kitten hart

Merry Christmas!

And a happy new year!

I just made this card. Maybe I can use it as a real card next year.
Christmas sheep is also made by me.


Jun. 8th, 2008

Goggles winteroutfit

Still alive

I haven't posted something on my journal for months, I didn't read or comment on anyone elses journal either.
A lot happened. But I just don't feel like bla here.
Maybe I'll just stop with my journal. I know for sure I'm not going to post anymore dolly shoots here. The pictures are on DoA and Sweet Addiction anyway. I make to much pictures. XD

Take care!

Mar. 26th, 2008

Goggles winteroutfit

Deb & Dres + Candy Spooky Theater

I went to a concert from the Candy Spooky Theater last monday.
Before the concert I took pictures from myself and Dresden.
Renate made some curls in my hair. ^_^

The concert was nice!
But it took a while before the band started to play, I was very bored.
And I guess I was a little disappointed in the band. It was a nice concert but I expected more show and cooler outfits.
I got a free poster thanks to Leyla! ^w^ Thank you Leyla!
And got nice and shiny autographs on it, shaked hands with the bandmembers. >w<

Amazing pics I took from the band: XD

I really have talent... *cough*
Although I like the second pic.

The Candy Spooky Theater looked like this before:

That's far more awesome!
What did they do with the cool outfits? TT_TT
Goggles winteroutfit

I hope you had a nice Easter! ^_^

In the Netherlands we had snow with Easter. O_o
Sadly I don't have pictures of that.
But I have pictures of dollsized croissants. ^_^ (yeah)

Goggles winteroutfit

~+~[Frilly Love]~+~ /// MNF Shiwoo-Elf + DM White Torrie

This shoot was weeks ago, I need to update more often. =_=

Winter is from Rosalisa.
Madeline from me.
And it seems those two found together. ^w^ nahw

Mar. 10th, 2008

Goggles winteroutfit

Madeline finished + dollfair

Wiehjjj! Madeline is finished!
I'm so happy with her. She is my first doll who has a 'theme' or something, a bit different.
Her eyes are from Royalprincess on DoA, so perfect! <3
I wanted her face-up to be a bit glowing. It was the hardest face-up I made in a while (but I think that of almost every face-up I've just finished >_>) it worked out very well, and I - the perfectionist - is pleased.

Last weekend there was a dollfair and meeting. ^_^
And I slept over at Tanja's place.
I want more of such fun weekends!

Madeline and Famke
Goggles winteroutfit

Between white walls ~ Photoshoot Dresden

I'm playing in a online RPG with Dresden at the moment.
It's called: Creepy doll's 'the Tortured Soul Asylum'
Dresden is a patient and Luciel send him there because the girly boy drove him grazy. XD (last photostory)
It's not as bad as it sounds for Dresden. Because there is a doctor that takes good 'care' of Dresden; doctor Damien (who is his boyfriend in real dollie live)
It's... so... wrong. XD
I had much fun writing the first few days but a the moment it's a bit bleh. It's a slow RPG, but I think the deadlines could be sooner after each other.

I made a straightjacket for Dresden. Not because he needs it but because he likes bondage... =_=
And yes, doctor Damien likes it to. XD

the Dresden Dolls ~ Girl anachronism
Klik hier voor muziek!

there i go again
pretending that i'll fall
don't call the doctors
cause they've seen it all before
they'll say just
she'll learn
the attention just encourages her

Mar. 2nd, 2008

Goggles winteroutfit

Photostory: the mystery of Dresden's ass

Tanja my sister and I made a photostory.
WARNING: bad butt humor and naked boy doll parts (nothing perverted...>_>)

Featuring: Dresden( BW Chiwoo elf), Melodi(leeke bijou), Madeline the headless Torrie and Luciel (vamp shiwoo) belong to me, the MNF shiwoo, Matt, belongs to Tanja and Kylan (sleeping soony boy) belongs to Renate.

Goggles winteroutfit

\\ the stairway of colours //

Last week Tanja and her doll Matt stayed at my place for the weekend. ^_^
We had so much fun! XD

And we went to see the movie Sweeney Todd.
Tim Burton... I love you so much. x____x
I can't describe how much I like that movie.
My face during the film was like this almost all the time:
Tim Burton's showed all his best sides and a little more.
His style flowed through every little part in the movie, as thick as blood. XD
And allthough he has his very own style in every movie he makes, each movie stands out on his own.
Whieeh! I want more. Please keep on making good films while you live Mr. Burton! ^w^ (he probably keep on making good films when he is dead. XD)
I heard he is busy with Alice in Wonderland. <3

Dresden on Sweeney Todd's chair.
oh ooo...

Dresden with Matt on the stairs from Pathé Arena

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